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Doctor Who: "Journey's End" (No spoilers)

Well now, that was... mm. Certainly a better finale than last year's. It had good bits, bits that were made of both win and awesome. Bits I liked... less. And bits where my primary reaction was "Crikey, how's that going to play in fandom?" - which worries me that this is my reaction, rather than what I myself actually thought of it.

Lots of interesting fic potential, though. I will say that you really can tell that RTD is a fan - there is, throughout, little references that in plenty of shows would just be left for fans to pick at in trivia and the like. Here, they get mentioned in canon. Hmm, yes.

Well, I'll have to think about this. Proper review post may or may not follow.
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This is not a comment I would dare to make were I sober. I'm drunk; so drunk that in shertain plashesh I deshide to talk like thish: but nonetheless there something I must say regarding Doctor Who and its fandom.

Doctor Who is an odd show. Each of us a creature of our time, whether we be children of the First, Second, Third, or Fourth... the list goes on. Several of us, several I respect, are children of the Seventh. And now there are children of the New. New_Who fans - some of whom love the Ecclestone and hate the Tennant - and... I am not one of any of these!

I am a child of the hiatus; a favourite of none, nothing of nothing; and for the longest time I looked back in fear, and in wonder, and I blamed the old fans, who would kill what they claimed to love, for the destruction of the show I never had the chance to watch as a new fan, as a new fan.

And then RTD brought it back, and there was celebration, and joy for a time. Last year, I know that there were some who regarded things as less than perfect, since it was not the show of their memories (not realising that such a show had ever truly existed outside of their memories); but with the spirit of nostalgia they look back upon last year as a wonderful precursor of this year; maybe they blame 10nant, claiming he is not fit to lick Chris' boots, as contemporary fans said, of Tom can, you believe it!, or maybe they blame RTD, and maybe... I just don't know.

All I know is... I am Pain. Please don't kill my show, you who call youself its fans! Not again! Not again!

(The author is not responsible for these words; alcohol was).
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Eurovision must be enjoyed with alcohol. This is fantastic - the British song is truly awful, with a middle-aged rapper and schoolgirl backing dancers; we've had German country and western, Norway had Aryan girls in white miniskirts, and Wogan is just fantastic. As is my cheap vodka.

OMG. I didn't know Middle-Earth was part of Europe.